Issue #22: Fall is My Favorite Time of Year

Do you see those lovely gourds. The family and I love visiting Treworgy Orchards this time of year. There is always beautiful fruit displayed in country-charm ways. I love all the apple varieties grown at the orchard, and there’s many pumpkins of different sizes, home-canned goods, ice cream, a corn maze (Paul Bunyan this year!), a petting zoo, and more. Such a fun place to be.


Generally, I love the autumn months. But this year the season has been far too warm for me. How about you? The last couple of days have been more on the cool side, though, and I’m loving it! I’ve been wearing my sweater and a fancy scarf, and the air has been feeling so nice.

I spent a little time doing paper crafts last week, including a ‘T H A N K F U L’ banner and some cute place cards for autumn table settings.


I made apple, pumpkin, and leaf cards, with a message as to why I’m thankful each person in my life on the back of their card, and space inside for them to record why they are thankful.


I’ve also been doing a little cooking. If we hadn’t had so many hot days this past month, I would have done more, but I am happy that I’ve made a few things that remind me of this colorful, crisp time of year.

20170905_110649I love chili, so I made a batch a couple of weeks back. One of the things I did with the leftovers was to put some on spaghetti squash. Talk about delicious! Try it sometime.

Another thing I made with the leftovers was chili-topped nachos. Yum!

What will you do with the leftovers?

I enjoy other recipes at this time of year as well, such as roasted sweet potato and squash, harvest salad, autumn sausage slow cooker meals, turkey and squash one-pan meals, and harvest soups.

Try one or more of these this year:

Skye’s moving home today! She and a friend are going to share an apartment. She was in Fort Kent for 9 years, and has been very much missed. We are planning a day to go walking and take pictures.

Zowie and Devan will be bringing Little Man for a visit later in the month, and we’re planning to visit the orchard. I can’t wait to see him interact with animals, and I want to pick up some home canned pickles and jellies if possible. Maybe some apples and cider as well.

Little Man (my grandson <3) is pictured below. This was taken a couple years back by my niece Haley, a wonderful photographer. We had a lovely time with family at the orchard that day, that we will always cherish.

Little Man with Pumpkins
Photograph by Haley Brown. Copyright 2015.

For my part, I’m planning a hike specifically for picture-taking. The scenery during the autumn months is fabulous! I want to frame a set photographs for my room. I’m also planning a working lunch in the park, where I’ll be planning for NaNoWriMo (a writing challenge) while enjoying the fresh air and autumn colors. And more walking in general, while the air is cool.

Have a wonderful autumn!

Warmest Wishes,



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