Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017.

Issue #21: Summer Fun & Foods

Look at that lobster and those clams. It was a delicious lunch, for sure. To wrap up the spring season, I took a couple of days to go to the coast with the bestest. We stopped at Young’s Lobster Pound for lunch, sitting on the deck out back so as to be near the water. we enjoyed our meals. Not a frugal meal by any means! But the bestest said she was treating us to this lunch, and there would be no holding back! Mine cost $24.99, and hers over $30.00. And both meals were worth every penny.

Zowie and Devan brought Little Man for a visit as well, and Skye was here at the same time. There one-night stay in town brought with it a flurry of activity and fun, as always. There’s nothing I like more than having both my of daughters, and Zowie’s little family, all home at the same time.

Skye and I went to Wendy’s for lunch, a rarity for me. It was decent enough, for fast food. Then we went to mom’s. After Zowie’s family arrived, we stayed for a little bit then Zowie and Devan dropped me off at home with my grandson. They’d have an evening off from parental duties, and Little Man and I would have a slumber party! What did we do? Well, we invited Aunty Skye to Aroma Joe’s for a smoothie date, and had the best of times. Little Man, who will be two in a couple of weeks, thanked the person who made his smoothie – without having to be asked to do so. It’s so good to be able to understand most what he’s saying now. He, of course, was the best date ever. Even Aunty Skye agreed.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017. the whole family will not be able to get to his birthday party this year, there home being quite the distance from us, we decided to have cake and ice cream while we were all together. Back to mom’s we went the next day. The day before, she had called me to see if I minded if she bought the cake (I was going to make one). I agreed, because she just sounded so cute and excited about it. Little man picked the ice cream, so we all tried cinnamon-flavored ice cream at his party.

This is a picture of Little Man with his Meme, A.K.A. Mom. He can say her name and mine. He calls me Memay ❤

He had a lot of fun at his little party, enjoyed opening his presents, and loved hanging with his family. Wish we could see him more often.

With spring coming to an end, I’m making plans for summer. On the first, Skye and I are planning a day trip for Little Man’s birthday party downstate. I bought him a collectible Boyd’s Bear named Christian during my trip to the coast with the bestest. In all honesty, it’s fine with me if he wants to play with it. I’ll leave it up to him. It’s just such a cute little  bear!

We’ve invited the bestest and my sister to go along with us, and have room for one more person. Before leaving though, I’m treating Skye to lunch. Because she lives a few hours drive upstate, she hasn’t been to one of her childhood favorite places in a few years, so she requested Pat’s Pizza for lunch. THE best pizza around, in my opinion. So that’s where we’ll go for some mother-daughter time.

Most of my at-home meals this summer are going to be mega healthy. Hopefully this will make up for the fact that my social gatherings don’t always sport the healthiest fare…

I also have a couple of other plans this summer. I’m going to treat my mom to Aroma Joe’s. She likes their smoothies, but might also like an iced coffee. My friend, Bob, and I are going to have a picnic – maybe at the coast somewhere. And I’ll be having a lunch or dinner with the bestest, so I can meet my nephew’s (her son’s) fiance.

Along with slightly messed up schedules at work to cover everyone’s vacations, and the weekly hike I want to be taking, summer should prove to be pretty darn busy. I’ll also be finishing up a manuscript I’m writing, creating book covers and other graphics for the short stories I’ll be publishing, and editing three other manuscripts. Not to mention all the blogging!

Yes, I am a busy lady!

This, of course, means I’m sitting much of the time. The hikes will be a nice break from that. I also walk about five miles a week, and I do a little yoga session and us the handweights four or five times a week. How do you stay active?

In the last issue, I linked to a number of tea recipes and articles. This issue, I want to turn the focus to flavored waters (refreshing on a cold day!) and a few recipes for the summer months. I also want to share some recipes for the Fourth of July.

First, the waters. I hate water. Seriously. I drink it every day, but I don’t really like it. I tolerate it, because I know it’s the healthiest drink I can put into my body. During the spring and summer months, I drink flavored waters. Waters I make myself so I don’t have to deal with the adverse impact of the store-bought stuff.

I also drink iced tea during these seasons, and wanted to share my Easy Iced Tea for One. Lemonades are another beverage I enjoy during the warmer months.

I mentioned that I’ve planned hikes this summer, as I’ve done in the past. I like to bring my homemade beverages along with me, so I’m not tempted to stop into a store where I’ll spend far too much money for a drink with no health benefits whatsoever. I have a special water bottle for this, that sports an insert for fruit.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017. of late I’ve been working on getting some lighter, summery recipes on Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy. I like to eat foods like this during the summer months, after a long winter of heartier dishes. You can check out the blog to see what’s there, but I’d like to share these warm weather recipes with you now:


Looking for some Fourth of July recipes? Try one or more of these:

Sadly, my uncles camp burned to the ground this past week. I was devastated, even though it was not one of our original camps on the mountain. This event got me thinking about a few of the memories I have of growing up on the mountain. I can remember our grandfather’s big tractor and how, once-in-a-while, he’d find us out in the field and give us a ride back to camp on it. I also remember taking a bowl out into that field to fill with berries we’d pick. It’s nice to have a couple of nice memories from childhood. I don’t have many true memories from growing.

Another memory came when my brother asked my mom if he could go outside and pick rhubarb from her patch out back. I can remember being at my mom’s parents house, and our Nan letting my siblings, cousins, and I go out back so we could each get a stalk of rhubarb. When we’d get back inside, there would be a little plate of sugar on the table for each of us, to dip our rhubarb into.

And I can also remember a neighbor dropping a pail of fresh milk off for us while visiting them. Yum!

Now that summer is approaching, I’m planning visits the local farmer’s market. I want to stock up on syrups and other items for winter, and I love all the fresh produce! I’ll be sharing my finds on Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy, so be sure to visit the site throughout the summer.

I also wanted to mention a sale on my eCookBooks, etc. Each is only $1.99 right now. Why? Because I’m going to be overhauling them over the coming year, adding great cover art, more information and pictures. Why not just wait? Because if you buy them at the sale price they will automatically update when I’ve finished each project. You wont have to pay full price when it happens. They wont be at the sale price when the updated versions go live. This is the frugal way to get the new, better, updated issues. Get yours today!

And this one is always offered at no cost.


Enjoy your summer!






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