Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright February 2017.

Issue #20: Spring has Sprung!

I love spring! Even though it does not look like spring right now, we’ve actually had days this past winter where it was just like spring, with hardly any snow. We also had a blizzard a while back, and more recently another storm that left us with the snow we have now rather than the grass and flowers we’re all waiting to see.

I think it was back in February that they were tapping the Maple trees here in Maine, and I’ve heard rumors that we’ve had nice enough days that the fruit trees already tried to do their thing, only to then have to deal with freezing cold temperatures again. Some people have mentioned they’re worried about the apple trees not doing so well this year, among other crops. That will mean less availability and, likely, higher costs for those foods. 😦

I’ve been ready for spring for some time. Because we’re having so many days in the 30’s and 40’s this winter and, yes, even a couple in the 50’s, when it does freeze my body isn’t able to get used to it. I want to hibernate until spring is here for good! Usually, I don;t mind the cold temperatures.

There have been a number of days when I’ve sat over at Aroma Joe’s all afternoon writing a story, sipping mint tea and having a treat. I also love their Chai tea. It is so good!

In keeping with my desire for warmer weather, and my goals to get back to eating healthy this year, I’ve been eating lighter foods. Smoothie bowls and ‘cereals’ are my main breakfast fair, with a couple egg and vegetable meals a week, and I’ve been adding greens to my smoothies when I have one in the morning. I drink so much tea and water, I should be floating away.

I’d like to share some new recipes with you. They’ll help me to be a healthier version of myself. (and you!)

Smoothie bowls are a wonderful way to add a plethora of vitamins to the start of your day. I love this Smoothie Bowl with Strawberries and Almonds, and the Chocolatey Good Smoothie Bowl, but you can make any combination you like.

I started the ‘cereal’ collection by introducing everyone to my most basic ‘cereal’, and moved on from there. My Fruit and Almond ‘Cereal’ is already posted to the site, and I’ve scheduled a couple of others to post to the blog soon.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017. smoothies wont be posted to the blog until the weather warms, but I’d like to share some tea information with you:

Hot teas are still good for cool spring evenings, and the sun teas will be delicious during the warmness of a late spring day.

I don’t have much for plans this spring that involve food, other than trying some recipes from a cookbook I’m reading. The review will be up on the Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy blog as soon as I’m done with it.

And the bestest and I are going away for a couple of days the beginning of June. I’m sure we’ll be trying a new restaurant or two, or revisiting an old favorite we haven’t been to in a number of years.

Warmest Wishes!



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