Lemon-Mint Sun Tea Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright June 20, 2016. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/shannonbuck

Issue #17: Summer Beverages

Little Man had a wonderful first birthday, with lots of good food, swimming, friends, and family. I went for a visit, staying for a few days so I could help out with things. I took him for his first trip to the playground, and we played a lot at their place. It was wonderful getting to spend time with him and his parents. His other grandmother made a shark from watermelon, and his momma made him his own cake from scratch. There was a barbecue, and more treats.

For lunch one day Zowie made shrimp scampi and linguine, and we had leftover salad from the barbecue. It was delicious.

I actually made my first shrimp scampi before visiting, using some shrimp for tacos and the rest as a salad topping. Both dishes were great!

Summer is a lovely time of year. We’re drinking cooler beverages, eating outside more, and enjoying the fine weather.

I make my sun teas, fruit waters, and lemon-limeades this time of year, and would like to share my favorites with you. For teas, I enjoy Lemon Sun Tea, Peppermint Sun Tea, Berry-Orange Iced Tea, and my new favorite: Mint-Lemon Sun Tea. Tea is my favorite fair-weather beverage.

Aroma Joe’s, right up the road from me, has a mint tea that I just love. I’ve had it iced this summer, and it is so refreshing. The second cup is free. I’m a regular there, so all but the new girls know my beverage of choice when I go in. I only switch it up every so often. I do some writing and other related tasks while there, socialize a bit, then head home. It is a nice place to hang out.

Flavored waters are also a favorite of mine. There are so many combinations that will add an extra nutritional kick to your day, including Strawberry-Watermelon Water garnished with a sprig or two of mint, Citrus Water, Orange Water, and Lemon Water. I always take a bottle of one of these waters with me on hikes. They taste far better than the store-bought versions, and can be made in many different flavor combinations.

Lemonades sweetened with honey are another delicious option for a hot summer day. Try these and tell me what you think: Minty Strawberry-Orange Lemonade and a simple Lemonade.

These beverages are good for lazy evenings on the front porch, hikes in the woods, or as offerings to guests at get-togethers, and are so refreshing poured over a glass full of ice. Enjoy them any time, with any meal.

If you want to add another kick to these already wonderful beverages, add one or more types of these ice cubes: Herbed Ice Cubes, Fruity Ice Cubes, and/or Flower Petal Ice Cubes.

Happy Summer Blessings!


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