Photograph by Zowie Arnold copyright 2015.

Issue #15: Yule & Christmas

We had our Yule/Christmas celebration last weekend. My daughter Skye and her boyfriend Dominick were here for the weekend, as were my daughter Zowie, son-in-law Devan, and grandson Dax. (See adorable picture above!) Dax is getting so big, and is almost 6 months old. After the party Saturday, he spent the night with me. Our first sleepover. It was so much fun! I can’t wait until he is old enough for holiday baking and cookie decorating.

Everyone arrived on Friday, staying at the inn where I work as a front desk agent. Saturday morning the five came to my place and we opened gifts together. Zowie made me needhams, my favorite of all candies. It was a surprise, and she did a wonderful job making them – her first attempt. Skye gave me chocolate. You can’t go wrong with chocolate.

We headed to moms to hang with family, and open a few more gifts. I stopped in at Hannaford to pick up a vegetable platter and a crackers, cheese, and pepperoni. My sister made stuffed celery, using cream cheese and olives, and a plate of peanut butter stuffed celery for me :-). She made us cookies and fudge for gifts. Mom made potato salad, and she and Lloyd made snickerdoodles and fudge. He also made meatballs, wieners, and baked beans. I went home with six meals of baked beans, and a package of Governor’s rolls. Yum. Beans are my favorite things my stepfather makes. It was a nice visit, and I also brought home more fudge and snickerdoodles.

If you are looking for easy last minute gifts, read my article Gifts Made with Love. These gifts are by no means healthy, but they are loved by the children in my family, and even some of the young adults. Other articles from the blog, that you might find helpful, include Food Gifts for Yule and Christmas and Candy-Filled Ornaments or Gift Tags.

Still wondering what you might do for the main meal and holiday leftovers? These posts, also from the blog, will help:

Here in Maine, what snow we’ve gotten hasn’t stayed, making the holidays seem less holidayish. Last year we already had a lot of the white stuff by this time. And, it keeps raining and is cloudy. Not much sun to speak of. It’s also unusually warm for the time of the year. wierd. Makes me wonder what strange weather patterns other areas are noticing.

I have held off on making my traditional winter meals, until it is a bit colder. How about you? Here are some posts and articles that you might find useful this winter: ( recently closed it’s site, so this channel no longer exists. I still have rights to all the recipes and articles, and plan to add appropriate ones to the Frugal Recipes blog. With the rest, I’m considering creating eCookBooks. As I finish these projects, I’ll let you know. 10/21/2016)

I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I do. And I hope you all have a wonderful winter. I’m hoping to have Zowie and Baby Dax spend a little time with me next month, then I’ll be writing – a lot. A few book projects are on the horizon.

Happy winter!

P.S. Get my eCookBook Beverages on a Budget on sale now for only $1.99!
This eCookBook bundles most of the beverage recipes and posts from the Frugal Recipes blog during the years 2007 to 2009. It has health and other information about different teas, as well as tips for saving money on your families’ beverage needs.

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