Photograph by Devan Arnold copyright 2015.

Issue #14: Celebrating Autumn Holidays & Sabbats

The feature image for this issue was taken by my son-in-law, Devan, last fall during our trip to the orchard. The picture is of my daughter, Zowie, and myself. None of us knew it yet but, when this photograph was taken, Zowie was pregnant.
I am a Memay!!!! Yay!!!!
Baby Dax is not quite 3 months old, and he is so precious.
❤ ❤ ❤

It’s our plan to visit an orchard again next month, with him. My niece will bring her baby, and possibly my great-niece, and will do a photo session with them. We have invited other friends and family to go along to have their pictures done with Dax as well. And I , of course, with have mine done with my grandson. This is a big event for our little family, as we don’t all always get to see each other.

Before I start the food part of this newsletter, I’d like to share (with permission from his momma) a picture of the little man with all of you. Be sure to read the newsletter below.

This is a picture of Baby Dax with his Daddy. It is one of my favorites so far.

Photograph taken by Zowie Arnold 2014.(Photograph taken by Zowie Arnold 2014.)

While at the orchard I intend to pick up some little pumpkins and a few apples, maybe head on into the store and get canned pickles and jellies for the pantry. Squash is another item I want to look for. I love orchards and the foods you can buy at them.

I haven’t written all the autumn articles and blog posts for the year yet, but I’m going to share what I’ve done. Watch the blogs and channels for more over the next couple of months, you wont be sorry.


Autumn truly is my favorite time of the year. The coolness, and crispness, of the air is wonderful. Autumn scents are amazing, and the colors are radiant. It’s a truly incredible time.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the crispness in the air one morning while on my way to work. Then I noticed the leaves on the ground after a rain. The past few days I’ve had to bring my jacket to work with me, to wear on my early morning walks to the bus stop. I’ve also done my autumn decorating in the room I rent, and started making autumn recipes at home. And I brought out the autumn scented candles to make my room smell simply delicious.

My last day off from the inn, I baked pumpkin muffins and cornbread in my little toaster oven. Since then, I’ve made a significant purchase: A larger toaster oven with two racks. I used it to roast the turkey, and the sweet potato and squash, for the Harvest Salad I made.
In one of the slow cookers I made some apple-pumpkin butter, my first time making this recipe. I left out the pecans, as I’m not a fan, but the end result was delicious! So happy I came across the Civilized Caveman Cooking blog. This butter is so good on the pumpkin muffins, and even on the corn bread. I even made pumpkin chocolate chip pancake batter to have in the fridge, for easy breakfast preparation in the mornings.
Another day I made the turkey and roasted vegetables mentioned above, as well as two slow cookers filled with corned beef (found on sale!) with carrots, squash, sweet potato, and red potatoes. My home smelled wonderful!

Watch for the Harvest Salad recipe coming soon to Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy. Quite a few of the ingredients I used in this recipe came straight from my parents garden.

A wonderful activity for you and your family and/or friends this fall would be to get together for an autumn picnic. They are so much fun, and the food choices this time of year are amazing. Don’t forget your jackets! It can be chilly this time of year. You can spread old quilts out on the ground, or find a place with picnic tables.
If you have a way to keep foods warm, try an easy autumn soup such as the Autumn Turkey or Sausage. Bring along snacks like and Autumn Popcorn mix or Trail Mix. And add some Chunky Applesauce, stored for serving in small canning jars, and topped with organic cinnamon. Beverages might include Hot Mulled Cider or Hot Cocoa. And a pie or a fruit crisp for dessert would be perfect.
You could also have a barbecue, and don’t forget to go for a walk, play Frisbee, or do another fun activity after you meal.
Mabon is the Autumn Equinox, when the harvest starts winding down and pantries are already well-stocked for the coming winter – if we are lucky. We celebrate the changing of seasons, from summer to fall. It is a great time for feasting. Use the food you have harvested as the base of your meal, whatever is in season where you are. (See Thanksgiving below for recipes.)
School started back up not long ago, so I thought I’d remind you about the food related articles I’ve written on the topic. Here are some Tips for Packing Affordable School Lunches. I hope you find them helpful. Fruit Jars and Vegetable Jars are easy to prepare, and pack a lot of nutrition into any meal. And a Banana Chip Trail Mix will be a nice surprise for your child. Here is an article about choosing a lunch box and accessories.
Who doesn’t love Halloween? Or Samhain, as our family calls it. Besides the treats, the kids in awesome costumes, and the scary movies, it signifies the third and last harvest of the year, and the upcoming darkness of winter, among other important things. It is another feast day, and I love feast days.
Halloween can be expensive, but you can cut costs by making treats for the children you know. Try some Crisp Rice Treats, or even some brownies.

Here are simple ideas for a Halloween or Samhain celebration, and some ways to use up all those treats:

Another feast day! Yay! In case you can’t tell, I love food. How about you?
Do you plan for leftovers when deciding on your Thanksgiving meal? I have on many occasions. There are so many tasty foods to make after the big day, such as Leftover Thanksgiving Soup, fry pan meals, and casseroles and mini casserole cups. Find out more about how to use Thanksgiving leftovers to make new meals by reading How to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers and Planned Thanksgiving Leftover Meals.
Also check out: Thanksgiving Food Crafts.

Phew! That is a lot of Autumn material to keep you busy, not to mention what will be added to the blogs later this season:

I hope you enjoy the reads, and the recipes (let me know how they turn out for you), and that you get to spend time doing enjoyable things with friends and family this fall.

Mabon Blessings!  Happy Halloween!  Samhain Blessings!  Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you Thankful for this year? Share with us in the comments, or email me at with your blessings, or feel free to share food related information for these occasions below.


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Main Meal Magic is one of a series of books featured on the Frugal Recipes blog. It takes recipes from 2007 to 2009 and compiles them into one location for my readers, making it easier for them to find the recipes they are looking for.



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